Selling soon? Then you need to FOCUS!

F – Front

Go to your front door and walk out to the end of the street turn around and look at your house. Look at the roof, yard, landscaping, front door, driveway, and entryway.

I always recommend power washing to prepare a house for sale. A fresh clean look is appealing to buyers. I also recommend mulch in the landscaping and fresh seasonal flowers for welcoming curb appeal. Trim the trees to show more of your house. Take a hard look at the front door. Does it need to re-stained? First impressions matter in real estate!

O – Organization

An organized house presents so much better to a potential buyer! The way we live in our home is different from the way we market it for sale. Since you are moving anyways I recommend putting about half of the things in your closet into boxes. Open your kitchen cabinets and if pans tumble out then take them out! Less is more and we want potential buyers speaking about the spacious closets and not distracted by all your stuff crammed in a closet!

C – Clutter

Going along with getting organized is removing clutter! Remove things from built ins and kitchen counters so the buyers see your countertops and the great built in shelving. We do not want them to get caught up on family pictures or other things that you have displayed. The rule is to keep it simple. Leave only minimal items on bookshelves and counters to show off the features of your home!

U – Understand

Understand your home from a buyers perspective. I suggest going into each room and hallway and standing and taking in everything through the lens of a buyers. What first draws your eye? What might prove a distraction? What is the least desirable thing about the room? What is the most desirable thing about the room? Have you highlighted this feature in any way? Taking a hard critical look at your home will prepare your home to sell and also prepares you for inspection time and negotiations.


Get it Sold! This is every sellers goal. There are 2 things that sell houses. Price and Condition! Present your home in the best condition that you can. A clean, organized home free of clutter is much more appealing to a buyer. Make sure your Realtor has given you an excellent market analysis so you are fully aware of what recent sales of similar properties have happened in your neighborhood. Pricing your home correctly is the key to selling it in the shortest amount of time for the best price!

Prepare your home for sale by using a little FOCUS!

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