Falling in Love with a Home

Falling in love is a wonderful thing. Similar to finding true love in a person, home buyers can also go weak at the knees when they fall in love with a house.

What makes a house “the one” for home buyers?

Maybe you got giddy at the amazing outdoor space or your heart beat a little fast at the sight of the dream kitchen. Maybe you became smitten with the soaring ceilings or gushed over the hardwood flooring.

Buying a home is an emotional process and can make it hard to make good level headed decisions. Falling in love with a home leads to making an offer and buying a home. You don’t want to wake up 6 months later and feel as if the honeymoon has ended and the soaring ceilings just mean higher electric bills and the dream kitchen isn’t all that dreamy after all.

Falling in love is a natural part of being human and falling in love with a home is part of the home buying experience. However, this is why its so important to to have someone help you find your home who is not emotionally engaged in the process. Love is blind so having a Realtor there to ask the right questions and guide you through the home buying process is imperative! A good realtor will tell you the good, bad and the ugly despite how it might make you feel. A good agent wants you in the right home that will bring you warm fuzzies for years to come.  

Your home is a big deal. It is a place of comfort, security and family memories. I want you to have a happily ever after ending with your home purchase! I understand that my clients are making big life decisions and are trusting me to help them make sure those decisions are wise ones. For me, it is not about transactions, it’s about relationships. My clients put their trust in me to help them find their way home!

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