Right Sizing

Rightsizing is a way of taking inventory of your life and determining what’s most important to you and then altering your life accordingly. What values, goals and needs do you want to pursue to have the most fulfilling life?

Here’s 10 steps to help you begin to right size your stuff to match your current lifestyle.

1. Get Rid Unwanted and Unused

If it’s broken, damaged, or no longer wanted and has just been sitting around then get rid of it! . What have you tucked away for later or with hopes of repairing? Check out those out-of-the-way spaces like attics and garages where things easily get stashed and then become forgotten.

2. Will I Miss It?

As you look to right size what things do you no longer need, want or use in this season of your life. If you wouldn’t miss it or need to replace it, it’s probably not worth keeping.

3. Come and Get It

Do you children still have things stored at your house? Its time to ask them to come and pick up their possessions. If they no longer want them then its time to donate them to charity.

4. Hire a Professional

Sometimes its beneficial to bring in someone who can look at your possessions with an objective eye. Whether it is a professional organizer, move manager or a family member or friends they can help make the job more manageable and help you make tough choices.

5. Only Keep the Most Important

Take a hard look at what you own and decide what are the things that matter most to you! Once you’ve made your list try and do it again from the list until you have the most valuable things that you can’t live without.

6. What is no longer important?

It’s reasonable to eliminate things that are no longer needed in this stage of life. Whether its too many kitchen pots and pans or eliminating a bedroom set. Different seasons of life mean different things that fill our house.

7. Schedule a regular time each week—or several days a week—to work on rightsizing.

Realize that rightsizing is a life-changing marathon, not a sprint. You didn’t accumulate everything overnight, and you won’t sort it all out overnight, either.

8. Treasures

As you simplify your things you will come to treasure and value those things you do keep. The things you select to keep will be meaningful items worth having in your personal space.

9. No new stuff

Focus on experiences not things. For people who want to buy you gifts suggest they buy you gift cards for experiences. Even better ask them to share in an experience such as fine dining, spa or going to the theater with you.

10. We only get older

Take this time to grant family members special items, photos and heirlooms you want to pass down. Take a digital picture of it for your memories. This helps preserve it and the next generation can come to cherish and value these things.

Rightsizing is the Right way to spend your retirement. Do not get stuck with too much stuff.

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