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Why hire a Realtor?  I have asked this same question when we sold our first house before I became a Realtor myself.  In a world where independence reigns supreme and the ability to be knowledgeable about most any topic is only a google click away many feel they can handle the selling or buying of a house themselves without using a professional. However, statistics from NAR (National Association of Realtors) state that only 7% of homes are successfully sold as a FSBO (for sale by owner.) https://www.nar.realtor/research-and-statistics/quick-real-estate-statistics

Realtors help with everything from navigating contracts, securing home inspectors, provide accurate market analysis, and assisting you through the loan processing.

If you are contemplating the use of a Realtor here’s my top 10 reasons to hire ME:

  1. I know the market Every day, I am educating myself on the local market so I know what is selling, what is coming up on the market and the price properties are being sold for. Knowledge of the market area is of utmost importance!
  2. I have an awesome team backing me up Stanfield Properties is a unique brokerage.  In the world of national realtors chains there is something to be said for a Broker and his agents who are truly a team and have each other’s backs! I bring professionals with me such as a photographer, stager and marketing manager.
  3. I know people As a professional Realtor I have a network of people and professionals that are needed along the way in buying or selling your house. (Home inspector, Mortgage Lender, Appraiser, Photographer, Home Stager, Title Company and more!)
  4. I am an expert negotiator I help in the negotiations process and provide my skills to help reach a win-win.  It is part of my job to handle and negotiate things for you especially when it gets tricky. I will go to bat for you and reach an agreeable outcome for all sides.
  5. I help you through every step I am there to help navigate the buying or selling process from beginning to end and help you reach the closing table in a timely manner keeping you on track with all the “to do’s” from the moment a contract is signed.
  6. I will price your home accurately If you are selling your home I know the importance of pricing accurately for the current market. My knowledge of the current market conditions and my local expertise help me know what your price would sell for
  7. I will research everything I believe researching everything about your property is valuable as you prepare an offer on a home or are accepting an offer on your house.
  8. I anticipate the next steps and keep you informed There are many things that must come together and be completed before closing day. I will help you coordinate and get the right forms and inspections done in a timely manner.  
  9. I offer compassion and understanding I stand by ready to walk you through this big purchase.  I will answer your questions and explain things along the way to make the home buying or home selling process as effortless as possible. 

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