Have you Outgrown your House?

Krystal Huhn Realtor

Is it time to move? Have you entered a new season of life? Do you have a growing family? Have you recently received a job promotion with a pay raise? Are the in-laws moving in? Has your work situation changed that you now work from home and need a home office?

Below are 5 reasons now may be the time to move:

1.The biggest reason to move is the need for SPACE!

Maybe your family has grown beyond the number of available bedrooms in your home. Has the wait time for the bathroom grown unbearable? Are the toys taking over the house and you desperately need a game room? Has the starter home outlasted its purpose and you need more room for a growing family.

2.The unexpected happens

Aging parents sometimes have to move in with you and this takes a bedroom. Or maybe adult kids are moving back home and taking up space. Maybe your job is allowing you to work from home and you need a dedicated office space within the home. These are all reasons to begin to house hunt for something that better meets the changing needs of your family.

3.Entertainment baby!

Many people hesitate to entertain or have dinner parties due to lack of space. Need a formal dining room? A big game room? A large kitchen to have friends over to hang out in the heart of the home? Many times “starter homes” do not allow for enough room for friends and family to come together. As the years go by the need for a better floor plan becomes necessary.

4. Economic Factors mean the time to sell is NOW!

Has your neighborhood’s value increased? Is your home in a desirable location? Many times people will decide to sell because the market value of their home is favorable and homeowners can sell for a price that nets a profit. Contact Krystal Huhn for a free market analysis and find out what your home would sell for.

5.Dream Home!

The first home most people buy is usually one they can afford but not necessarily one they love and would call their forever dream home. As families grow and pay raises happen, the desire to move into a more suitable home for needs and wants can become a reality.

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