Choosing a Realtor®

Krystal Huhn

Let’s be real. Everyone knows about 10 Realtors. So how do you decide who to use when you need one?

I suggest these 5 tips when selecting the right Realtor for you:

  1. Choose a Realtor who knows your area. It’s even better if they live in the area of interest. Selecting a real estate agent that is familiar with the city, schools, parks, and shopping is vital to home success. Just like long distance relationships don’t often work, it would be difficult for an agent that is not in your geographic area to help you buy or sell.
  2. Choose a Realtor who markets themselves well Do a little research. How does your Realtor of choice market themselves on social media and what does their website look like. The way a Realtor markets themselves is a great indication of how they will market your home for sale. Excellent marketing is vitally important in selling in today’s market. Make sure the Realtor you select has an awesome marketing plan for selling houses!
  3. Choose a Realtor who is knowledgeable It is crucial to choose a Realtor that is knowledgeable, not only about the housing market but also able to expertly negotiate and navigate the many documents needed to sell a home and do it all to the benefit of you, their client. Choose a reputable Realtor who has experience and a track record of successful sales which will lead to success with your home sale.
  4. Choose a Realtor who communicates well Communication is essential to a smooth real estate transaction. Make sure you have a good idea how your Realtor will communicate with you. Timely and accurate communication is key! I strive to be a step ahead with my clients so they can anticipate the next step in the transaction and be prepared for what happens next.
  5. Pick a Realtor who cares! It is important to choose a Realtor that sees your home more than just another transaction on their spreadsheet. Your home is most likely your largest asset and it can be an emotional roller coaster when it comes time to sell. I am by my clients side and understand that it is an emotional process to sell a home as well as buying one. I understand and have compassion throughout the process!
How to Choose a Realtor

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