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Buying a Home

Realtors & New Construction

Hiring a Realtor puts someone in your corner. You’ll have someone on your side who is invested in your happiness with the home. Those who represent the builder ultimately have the needs of the builder in mind with the transaction. A Realtor is looking out for your interests and protecting you.

Krystal Huhn
Buying a Home

Interest Rates

Many factors are considered when taking out a mortgage. Interest rates can make a big difference on affordability of a mortgage! In 1981 interest rates hit 18.63%. In 2012 they were 3.31% Spring 2020 finds us also with remarkably low interest rates. If your current interest rate on your mortgage is not around 3.5% then…

Buying a Home

What is Your Home Worth?

Finding good comparable properties is essential to a good solid CMA that will help when deciding on the listing price of your home or how much to offer on a home you are wanting to buy. Beyond the CMA is the “art” of the sale that is more than the data, details and statistics.